Weight Loss

Are you tired of being overweight? Have you tried every diet known to mankind? Does your checkbook look like a list of the Who’s Who of the Weight Loss World? Well, now you can finally be excited! Hypnosis is the key to your weight loss journey. We at Hypnosis in Rochester can guide you with the success you have been longing for. More…

Stop Smoking

Are you struggling to stop smoking? Have you used every patch on the market? You already have everything you need inside you to gain the victory over smoking. Hypnosis will enable you to turn off this habit and never look back. We have helped 100’s of people stop smoking why don’t you join the club! Let us help you be smoke-free. More…

Stress Relief

Are you overwhelmed with stress? Is stress keeping you from enjoying your life and being the best you can be in your occupation? Schedule a consultation and let us help you with hypnosis become a healthier, happier person and be the person you were meant to be and you know you should be. More…

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Client Testimonies

I was able to push food aside.  Cut back on pop-drinking more water.  Going for walks-half to wear a belt cause pants are too loose.  Plus I feel thinner in my stomach and waist.  I think about what I’m going to eat-instead of just eating anything.  Starting to get a lot of compliments. *individual results may vary

Ann Storm Frederick, SD Retired

For myself, I have found hypnosis to be an excellent method to help me lose weight and keep it off by adopting a healthier lifestyle altogether.  My eating and exercise habits have improved dramatically.  I look forward to my daily hypnosis tapes as a method of reinforcement and relaxation. Hypnosis has also helped me a great deal weight stress management.  I highly recommend it of a number of reason. *individual results may vary

Carla Benfit Aberdeen, SD Retired

I have been a smoker for twelve years and have quit unsuccessfully several times.  I chose hypnosis because there is no health concerns or side effects.  I may still crave a cigarette now and then, but I feel strong enough to not need one.  I am very happy with this decision to quit with hypnosis.  Having a guarantee that it will work is not offered by any other stop smoking program. *individual results may vary

Dustin Stieha Aberdeen, SD Ag Service Advisor

I came here for test anxiety.  It really helped me in the are plus really helped me for stress. I treid to get hypnotized in a group stetting before and it didn’t work.  I heard Cletus’ commercial and thought I would give it a try thinking no way it will work for me.  It truly does work and relaxed me more than anything ever has and helps me in my everyday activities.  Cletus does a great job!!  *individual results may vary

Kenny Fouts Aberdeen, SD

Sever Hyperemesis (extreme morning sickness) Controlled with Hypnosis

I came to Cletus for help with my severe Hyper emesis with pregnancy. Throughout my sessions I was able to gain control over my body and symptoms oft he nausea.  I also gained confidence in myself and developed more energy to get thru my pregnancy.  I really appreciated the help after trying multiple other things including acupuncture for this.  *individual results may vary

Kari Bunke Aberdeen, SD Nurse

Understanding  More About Hypnotherapy

Today more people seem to be interested in trying hypnotherapy to help them reach their weight loss goals, to stop smoking, have an effective stress management plan and many other concerns they face, but what exactly is it and how does it work?

Anything is possible when you put your mind to it. Aberdeen Hypnosis of Aberdeen, SD is here to help you reach your goals through hypnosis. I am a certified professional hypnotists and will help you kick that bad habit, lose weight, quit smoking, manage stress, manage anger, life coaching, lose the fear of public speaking and many other issues that you want to experience success. Give us a call and let our hypnosis techniques help you in your everyday life.

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