Cletus Thomas Hypnotist Rochester

Weight Loss with Hypnosis

I was able to push food aside.  Cut back on pop-drinking more water.  Going for walks-half to wear a belt cause pants are too loose.  Plus I feel thinner in my stomach and waist.  I think about what I’m going to eat-instead of just eating anything.  Starting to get a lot of compliments. *individual results may vary

Ann Storm Frederick, SD Retired

I began this with some hesitation but I feel this has really gotten me on the right track to fulfill my goal of losing weight.  Along with this the relaxation and awesome frame of mind is a bonus.  I do believe that this will help me realize my goal.
*individual results may vary

Wendy Neitzel Aberdeen, SD Office Manager


For myself, I have found hypnosis to be an excellent method to help me lose weight and keep it off by adopting a healthier lifestyle altogether.  My eating and exercise habits have improved dramatically.  I look forward to my daily hypnosis tapes as a method of reinforcement and relaxation. Hypnosis has also helped me a great deal weight stress management.  I highly recommend it of a number of reason. *individual results may vary

Carla Benfit Aberdeen, SD Retired

[svpVideo v=2]I’m so pleased with the results of the weight loss hypnosis series. The weight is coming off easily and I am feeling much better about myself.  Much more in control of my eating habits. I have also found that I am able to use the techniques in other areas of my life. I have enjoyed working with Cletus.  He is great at what he does. *individual results may vary

Thank you so much!

Vicki Nash Aberdeen, SD Dietary Services Mgr.

I have always had a problem of eating too much unhealthy food, especially sweets.  This program has made me award of the harmful foods and try to eat more healthier food  It is still a struggle for me.  I try to exercise more and feel better when I do.  The weight is not coming off as quickly as I would like, but it do think I cam moving to healthier choices. Brenda Rekow Ellendale, ND Pet Groomer and Pet Boarding   I was uncertain of what Hypnosis could do for me. After hearing their radio adds.  I called for the Free consultation.  As I have progressed through the program I am impressed with the results.  My intake of water has tripled, no more pop, my exercise habits are helping and I am much more aware of what I eat.  I recommend this program, it’s working for me. *individual results may vary

Jerry Rekow Ellendale, ND Truck Driver

I started going to hypnosis for weight loss.  What I did not realize is that I would gain much more from this.  I have learned now to relax.  And become more focused at the same time.  I have become more confident and make more positive choices through this program.  I have lowered my A1C (I am diabetic) from a 9.4 to a 7.2 since starting.  I feel better about myself which my family and coworkers have all noticed.  I am excited and look forward to my “new” me and my life. *individual results may vary

Vickie Braun Ipswich, SD Registered Nurse  

This program has helped me define my goals and put them into action.  I know I can lose weight, I know I can control my emotions.  I find it is much easier now to calm myself an feel peaceful. Deborah Quiram Aberdeen, SD Office Mgr.   When I first came in to see Cletus, I was pretty discouraged with myself-I had put on a lot of weight-IO was depressed, lack of energy all around not happy with myself.  In the last few weeks I am happy with myself again.  I have been loosing weight-cloths fitting better (looser) I have started to see I eat better portion sizes- not smoking in between meals-drinking water all the time.  I have been a lot more active-I feel I am on the right track to feeling better and looking better.  The energy I have now is great, and like I said I am happy with myself again and I have learned to take one step at a time to continue bing happy with myself. *individual results may vary

Fran Godel Aberdeen, SD A/P Office

Hypnosis for Smoking Cessation

I have been a smoker for twelve years and have quit unsuccessfully several times.  I chose hypnosis because there is no health concerns or side effects.  I may still crave a cigarette now and then, but I feel strong enough to not need one.  I am very happy with this decision to quit with hypnosis.  Having a guarantee that it will work is not offered by any other stop smoking program. *individual results may vary

Dustin Stieha Aberdeen, SD Ag Service Advisor

I was ashamed of how I smelled on my job, as I am a substitute teacher.  We teach children not to smoke, that it is unhealthy.  I even had a student tell me I smelled like his parent. I have what is called spasming arteries (Coronary Artery Spasm). It is a life threatening condition.  It is caused from the nicotine.  It is not a case of if it would kill me, but when.  I would wake up every morning surprised that I did. I have been smoke free for approximately 1 month.  This is the longest I have quit.  I forgot how good it felt to wake without being out of breath-I’m over 40. *individual results may vary

Shelly Schulz Aberdeen, SD Substitute Teacher  

Hi, I’m Linda, I have tried quitting smoking many times. Quit for a while then back to smoking.  I could never get rid of the cravings.  So far the hypnosis has worked.  I don’t have the cravings.  I don’t like the smell of cigs.  Now when I’m around anyone smoking I have to leave.  The smell is so bad.  All I can say give it a try, you have nothing to loose, only your health to gain.  Good luck to you. *individual results may vary

Linda Storm Northville, SD Retired  

I have been a smoker for 20 years and have tried to quit many times. This time has been pretty much effortless.  I would recommend to my friends and family. *individual results may vary

Michelle Bellikka Aberdeen, SD  

I am 32 years old and smoked round a pack a day since 15 years old.  I have tried to quit many times using many different methods.  The withdrawals always seemed to outweigh my wanting to quit.  After hypnosis the 2dst time my withdrawal symptoms were minimal and easy to control. After my second session all withdrawal symptoms seemed to vanish.  I am healthier and happier. *individual results may vary

Alison Schwan Aberdeen, SD  Receptionist/Student

After smoking for 30+ years I have not had a cig for 3 weeks and do not desire one.  It is a different feeling not to light on up.  I feel better and sleep better having given up the habit.  It is not easy giving up the habit but as time goes on it will be one memory. *individual results may vary

Allen Stern Clark SD Semi Driver  

I was a smoker for15 years.  At one time up to 3 packs a day.  Tried the gun, patches, and cold turkey and nothing worked.  Then I cam here and haven’t had a smoke since! I feel better and feel more energetic.  Should have done this years ago. *individual results may vary

Dana Stern Clark, SD Construction  

Quitting smoking was not easy for me but my hypnosis experience helped a lot.  With each session it was more and more easy.  The benefits were the best place to be.  I would come for more sessions if I could at least once a week just to relax.  *individual results may vary

Laura Snover Aberdeen, SD  

[svpVideo v=1]Aberdeen Hypnosis has help me regain control of my life.  I t has given me a new freedom to enjoy with my family and friends for years to come!!  *individual results may vary

Rebecca Young Aberdeen, SD Secretary  

Test Anxiety Relief with Hypnosis

  I came here for test anxiety.  It really helped me in the are plus really helped me for stress. I treid to get hypnotized in a group stetting before and it didn’t work.  I heard Cletus’ commercial and thought I would give it a try thinking no way it will work for me.  It truly does work and relaxed me more than anything ever has and helps me in my everyday activities.  Cletus does a great job!!  *individual results may vary

Kenny Fouts Aberdeen, SD

Sever Hyperemesis (extreme morning sickness) Controlled with Hypnosis

I came to Cletus for help with my severe Hyper emesis with pregnancy. Throughout my sessions I was able to gain control over my body and symptoms oft he nausea.  I also gained confidence in myself and developed more energy to get thru my pregnancy.  I really appreciated the help after trying multiple other things including acupuncture for this.  *individual results may vary

Kari Bunke Aberdeen, SD Nurse


* All results are not the same for everyone.  Your experience may differ from the testimonies above.